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We extend reality! Augment your vision through virtual elements mapped in the real world, or immerse yourself in interactive worlds. We are your team.

Extended Reality, Metaverse, VR, AR, Spatial Computing, Gaming.
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Extended Reality, Metaverso, Realidad Virtual, Realidad Aumentada, Spatial Computing, Gaming.
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Through our experiences, users can leap from the real into the virtual world, where there are no limits.

Our expertise allows us to build worlds where the values and brand storytelling come together with the power of gaming and play, where our clients and their customers meet and develop a new level of engagement.
We believe in the limitless power of play!
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Experiential E-commerce
See it and feel it as if it was yours…
and it will be

Put your products where your clients need to see them. Let them see your shoes on their feet, your clothes on their body, your makeup on their skin, and your furniture in their place. A convinced customer is the best customer!

eCommerce with 3D display, AR try ons, Digital assets sales, Virtual showromms

Ecommerce Disandat

Ecommerce con productos 3D, Probadores RA, Venta de assets digitales, Showrooms virtuales

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Virtual Spaces
Get involved! live the experience with excitement, you are already here!

Virtual world where brands can express themselves, their personality, their vision of the world without limitations. your brand calls the shots, want to build an exclusive, limited time experience, you can, want to build a massive 3D world you can, your audience will join, either in small, selective groups, or with all their friends!

3D Architecture, Virtual stands, Events, Concerts, Brand worlds, Meeting rooms, collaborative spaces

Ecommerce Experiencial

Arquitectura 3D, Stands virtuales, Eventos, congresos, conciertos, Mundo de la marca, Meeting rooms, colaboración

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Immersive Learning
Theory and practice merged in a single, seamless experience

Get your knowledge across with maximum efficiency. Build systems and environments that assure 100% comprehension through interactive simulations, then, leave room for the students to become masters through this technology!

onboarding, E-learning, experiential learning, recruitment, gamification

Ecommerce Experiencial

Capacitación, E-learning, Aprendizaje experiencial, reclutamiento, procesos gamificados

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Living the Storybrand
A new chapter in marketing, a chapter that your customers write.

Give your customers the definitive storytelling and marketing experience. Place them in the middle of your unique story. Let them become the lead decision-maker in this new world, bringing maximum impact to your brand through the players in your world.

Building and maximizing new or existing IP impact, Experiential Marketing, Digital retail, New revenue streams, Storybrand

Ecommerce Experiencial

Aprovechamiento y construcción de propiedad intelectual, marketing experiencial, Retail oficial digital, canales de monetización, Storybrand

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Process Simulations
Knowledge-based operations

The information you need before you need it! Get ahead of the possible risks involved in any process through digital twin tactical development.

Digital twins, process simulation, industrial, machines

Ecommerce Experiencial

Digital twins, Process simulation, Industrial, Machines.

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Live Products
Adapt your favorite products to your liking!

Give your customers the chance to feel and try your products in the virtual world, give them the power of hyper-personalization, and let them live the experience.

Personalization, New lines, User Generated Products

Ecommerce Experiencial

Personalización, Nuevas líneas, User Generated Products

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Seamless Journeys
Meaningful Engagement

Go with your users through the brand experience journey, from the initial offering to the fulfillment of your goals in a friendly, fun way! Data analytics is your ally in the decision-making process, with it you can optimize the decision-making process and get valuable conversions and insights.

Analytics, Events tagging, Progress measurement , Conversion and entry barriers, Audience segmentation

Ecommerce Experiencial

Analytics, Etiquetado de eventos, Medición de progreso, conversiones y barreras para continuar, Segmentación de audiencias

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Tools we use to bring dreams alive
Roblox Disnadat


Bring your brand to Roblox, the leading player when it comes to virtual world-building and social gaming, connect with millions of players world wide. Roblox is going strong and shows no signs of slowing down.


Want to deliver an action packed message to your audience? look no further than Fortnite, powered by Unreal Engine, design your own island and let your audience in on the action.

Unreal Disandat

Unreal engine

Use the power of the most popular AAA game engine for your brand experience, bring your imagination to life with incredible depth and realism.

Spatial io disandat


Fully immersive, 3D web world building, a great way to showcase and interact with your audience in a specific event.

Unity disandat


The most popular mobile gaming and interactive development engine. Games, VR, AR, XR, web, you name it, we can do it with Unity!

threeJs Disandat


3D browser technology, based on OpenGL, for interactive 3D web design.

Among other great tools and technologies, we can help you with

We build experiences

We evolve, along with our clients and their customers, through the creative exploration of technology and its capabilities to create new worlds.

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